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African Geek | Why you should not post your tiktok videos on Instagram

Why You Should Stop Posting Your TikToks on Instagram

Instagram is a platform just like TikTok, wanting its users to use as many of its features as possible. Recently, guidelines have come out with guidelines for Instagram’s Reels algorithm, and if you post your TikTok videos on Instagram, you might want to hear this.

Reels is a short video feature on Instagram similarly fashioned like a TikTok. Content creators are able to make tasty food videos, show a house tour, or share quick handyman tips. But a common mistake to make is to post a TikTok that you’ve already made and post it on your Instagram page. The simple reason is competition.

A recent post by @creators on Instagram outlined the best strategies to get discovered on the Reels tab. Listed under the “Don’t Post a Reel That” was something not to post a video that was “visibly recycled from other apps (i.e. contains logos or watermarks)”.

When a user saves a TikTok, the TikTok watermark & user’s name are visible for the whole video. Once Instagram is able to detect this, the chances to be discovered through the post, although it is on Reels, will be reduced.

The best alternative is to record a video straight from your phone’s camera (since it is vertical) or directly through Instagram’s camera. Check YouTube videos for the best way to record a Reel directly from your phone, as they are slightly different from TikTok’s, if that is where you are used to filming short videos.

Don’t post your TikToks on Instagram, and you already increase your chances of being discovered!

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