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What You Need to Know About Your Instagram Cashflow

Everyone likes cash. It’s safe to say everyone likes lots of cash, too. Someone would be joking themselves if they claimed they would choose $100 over $10! Come on, we all know we would take the $100.

But would your answer be different if I asked, “Would you rather spend $10 or $100”? It’s likely a lot of you would say $10, some wouldn’t mind spending $100 because they can afford the loss and they know their investment of the $100 would bring back more than what they spent! Let’s put that in terms of Instagram now.

Your content is your currency. Stay with me, now. Your Instagram content is your valuable investment to whomever you are targeting, and the larger your investment in your IG content, the greater your chances of reaping benefits from it. The content you post doesn’t just serve as your investment, it serves as the life of your page. Without any activity, it’s easy for your page to slowly lose traction and die as a result. This can look like fewer engagements, fewer shares, more unfollows, and reduced customer support.

Like any good business, there has to be a risk that the owner takes or a loss they temporarily suffer for the benefit of their customers.

For your IG page, that risk-taking can look like promoting your product by posting several times a day for more of your audience and potential customers to see it. Several things can happen after:

  1. Your product is well-received and more of your followers are converted to customers.
  2. Your frequency of posting can become a nuisance/irrelevant to some, and they may unfollow.
  3. Your promotion was not bold/assertive enough to push anyone to take any action.

These are only examples of what could happen. But it’s important to know how much of your currency you are giving to your page. It can be categorized like this:

  1. Low Spending (1 content every 2 days)
  2. Normal Spending (1 content daily)
  3. Above Normal Spending (2 content daily)
  4. Overspending (3-5 content daily)

This is a simple way to put the content frequency impact, but there are no strict rules to posting! Everyone’s business page goals are different, and needs will have to be tailored specific to the goal. Test out different spending styles and take note of the feedback, maybe one will work better than the rest!

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