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Using *These* Can Change Your Marketing Game – and They’re Simpler Than You Think

Marketing can be complicated sometimes. No matter how many hours you dedicate to it, your marketing strategy can always use some improvements. This particular addition is simple and something you’re probably already familiar with.

I’m talking about GIFS.

Yes! GIFS – those short animated video loops that often contain a funny caption. GIFS can be the next best thing you use for your marketing endeavors, and here’s why. (Post inspired by this blog.)

1 – They evoke more engagement.

GIFs are quickly repeating video loops. Most of the time, you will find humor attached to them, and they become more relatable. When you are able to connect with your audience on a level they personally connect with, they will be more inclined to respond.

A GIF can be a major difference in how many people engage with your content. A simple GIF related to the topic drives the point home easier with your audience.

2 – They are compatible across multiple devices.

GIFs are easy to view on desktops and mobile devices. This is a plus because not everyone accesses the Internet using a desktop or mobile device. Tablets and cell phones are just as suitable as a laptop or PC when it comes to viewing GIFs, increasing your ability to reach a wider audience.

As a business owner, reaching as many people is important before getting them to become a customer. If they can’t see your product, they won’t be sold on anything! And remember, they have higher incentive to engage.

3 – They are a step above plain images.

Plain images are a useful part of marketing, don’t get the wrong idea. A picture can say 1,000 words, but a GIF can shout 3,000! Movements are an important part of GIFs, which is why it’s so easy to relate to them. A GIF coupled with a punchline is able to amp up the visual appeal of the entire display.

Humans are naturally attracted to movements and colors. They capture attention quickly when paired together in a GIF.

4 – They are a familiar aspect of the Internet.

GIFs have been around for an extremely long time on the Internet. In fact, the first GIF was made in 1987. Over many decades, the GIF has been able to adapt to the vast universe that is the Internet and remain relevant.

Using familiar aspects of the Internet makes your content and marketing attempts more accessible to populations who may not be as tech-savvy (like the elderly), or those who have been dominating the electronic realm since they could hold a cell phone. Regardless of skill level for

5 – They communicate messages easily.

GIFs are basically moving images – like the shortest of short films. Upon first glance, any message or emotion can be relayed to the viewer. When trying to get the attention of those who have a short-span, this is a useful game changer.

GIFs often last for 1-2 seconds, and when scrolling on a phone, that can be how long you have to make an impression. The quicker you can say what you have to say, the quicker you will find people who can listen!

6 – They are great for promotions.

Have you ever looked on a website and seen GIFs on the borders? They’re often promoting a clothing product, game, online service, or anything you can think of. GIFs are a great balance between image and video without going overboard.

A range of things can be shown in a 2 second GIF, giving the intended customer a chance to see what you are offering without them having to do more work. It’s easier to know what you want before you have to do any work to choose, and that’s what a GIF gets to do for you!

Hopefully you consider using GIFs, the simple yet productive tool for your future marketing strategies.

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