What you need to know about your Niche Market

What You Need to Know About Your Niche Market!

Instagram is a gold mine of accounts looking for everyone’s attention. One refresh pulls up fresh content from thousands of accounts all across the platform. If you choose any page worth following on Instagram, you can examine their content and observe something crucial: there is a clear niche.

niche marketing

What is a niche? A niche is a specific market area specialized for certain products and services. For example, a niche can be modeling, nutrition, and fitness, or graphic designing.

Each of those examples has a specific place in the marketplace and all niches have opportunities for amassing audiences, gaining clients, or selling products.

This is important when it comes to Instagram since its evolution is favoring the open marketplace for countless users. But like with any tangible business, there is always a clear message sent to consumers/audiences on what is being offered. That is the representation of your niche.

If you are using your Instagram page for business purposes, it should clearly have:

  1. Message/Purpose
  2. Products/Services Offered
  3. Selected Brand Colors

These 3 things are imperative to the foundations of representing your chosen niche. The clarity of your niche also facilitates who you are targeting. For example, those who are in the furniture business with a clear representation of their services will not waste their time answering inquiries from those looking for wall paint.

Your business should be centered around your targeted audience.

Keep a lookout for a future blog post on how to deliver the above-mentioned features on your page to clearly communicate your niche.

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