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Instagram Carousel Goals

Top 3 Instagram Carousel Goals You Must Aim For

Designing carousels can be time-wasting especially when you have no goal attached to why you are creating and the more you waste time on your carousel, it could be most likely that you’re thinking too much or overdoing things.

To save your time, there are a number of things you can put down as a checklist that can help you create your carousel faster. (These ideas cost $3M so take them seriously)

Goal no. 1 – Clean Text Positioning

This is very important in carousels because how you position and arrange your text counts to whether your information will be read or not.

Goal no. 2 – Simplicity

If you love complex stuff, then good advice for you is that, do not import your complex ideas into your carousels. Instagrammers have a short memory span and they wouldn’t want to waste time on anything that’s too complex to understand.

Goal no. 3 – Eye Grabbing Photos and Colours

This is one of the essential shots you’ll need in your carousel design. What you can do to achieve this is by always using colors from your photo if you are not sure.

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