7 Ways to stay organized in your business
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7 Ultimate Ways to Stay Organized in Your Business!

Feeling a bit disorganized in your business? Are you having that writer’s (or designer’s) block that is trying to prevent you from being productive? This happens a lot of times to entrepreneurs and business owners but here are some strong tips that can help you to stay organized in your business.

1 – Create a realistic to-do list.

A to-do list may seem cliché but does wonders if you are somewhat disorganized, or can forget things easily. Taking time to quickly jot down the tasks you have set out for the day can drastically reduce the amount of head clutter you have. Less to remember because the paper is holding your thoughts for you! Consider downloading a digital to-do list app if you’re always on your device.

2 – Set specific alarms.

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned way to let people know when it’s time to do something. If you are the type to spend too much time on one thing that the whole day escapes you, set an alarm! It doesn’t have to be for waking up or bedtime (which may be seriously helpful), but for things throughout the day you want to dedicate specific time for. Need to meal prep at 3, or go for a walk at 4? Set your alarms!

3 – Clean extra clutter from your workspace.

A cluttered workspace can be a hinderance to anyone trying to be productive. If you have too many things taking up space in your work area, this is your gentle reminder to do so. This can help reduce the chances you will misplace any important items, documents, products, etc. Also, having a visually clean workspace can help you experience more mental clarity.

4 – Write a detailed plan of your task.

The task at hand must always have an end goal. If you know what you need to accomplish, but aren’t sure how to tackle it, try writing out each step it will take to get there. This is a mapping technique and is very effective for organization!

And don’t worry if you have to edit your plan before starting. This will also save time on which approaches you may think to take and save time in the long run since you have the most direct route already in front of you.

5 – Take short breaks throughout the day.

The Pomodoro Technique is a hack you’ve probably never heard of until now. This technique comprises work and rest intervals to help you manage your time most effectively. Working for 20-25 minutes then taking a 5-minute break allows you to be as productive as possible and then decompress for a short while. This helps with reducing stress and feeling like your workday is endless.

6 – Say your thoughts out loud.

We all have days where we have a little too much on our mind and may not be a fan of to-do lists. Speaking every thought that comes to mind out loud can be very useful for eventually organizing your thoughts. It can help you evaluate what may seem to make or not make sense and lead you to a conclusion you weren’t sure could be reached. Your silliest thoughts could be your next big hit!

7 – Work in a quiet space (if possible).

Audible distractions are a nuisance, and can really cause disruption in your headspace if not checked. Try working in areas with little to no noise. You are less likely to respond to things while working, or accidentally misplace or discard things you really needed. If you have others around you, communicate well to express the importance of silence (or less noise) while you are working. Anyone who cares about you will respect that!

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