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5 Things You Need To Get Started On Youtube

YouTube is an online video sharing platform that currently hosts more than 1 billion videos from different people all over the world and the special thing about Youtube is, you can actually make money from the platform. (This will be discussed in another blog post.)

Getting started on YouTube can be overwhelming especially when you begin to think of all the things you will need to have a successful channel but this doesn’t have to be the case at all.

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you some of the 5 things you need to get started on YouTube.

Before we get started, you MUST have in mind that you don’t need expensive tools to film your YouTube Videos!

1. Camera

This doesn’t have to be a professional DSLR camera. You can simply the phone you already have that has a good picture quality and high resolution.

2. Teleprompter

This is a rare tool a lot of people talk about but in this case if you have a time time memorizing your scripts then you will need to have a teleprompter that will help you stay on track and have a smooth ride while delivering on your points.

Cueprompter is a free user-friendly app you can use.

3. Lapel Mic

There’s a saying that goes “bad video with good sound can be tolerated but a good video with bad sound can never be tolerated“.

Sound is one of the most important element of a good video and the cheapest way to check the box is by getting yourself a lapel mic.

This would help to enrich the quality of your sound making it easier for your audience to follow you through till the end of your video.

4. Tripod

This tool is to ensure you don’t produce shaky videos.Having shaky videos can make it difficult for anyone to concentrate on what your video is about and can easily cause anyone to checkout. (I know you don’t want this to happen.)

The other alternative for a tripod is by using some household equipment to keep your camera/phone steady.

5. Video Editing App

After shooting your video, there is always a need to edit your video to polish the look and feel of it. Currently there are tons of video editing apps of mobile phones.

If you are IPhone, we recommend using imovie.

On android, Inshot can do the job.

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