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3 Tips to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

3 Tips to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

2020 was undoubtedly an eventful year. No matter in the world you may be, the common factor affecting us all has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay-at-home orders, worldwide lockdowns, and job insecurity have left millions in an uncertain place.

It’s only understandable that even though 2021 has come, motivation levels continue to decrease. Even though we have varying degrees of what may be affecting us, this post is meant to spread as much encouragement as possible.

An advantage to consider is that the online space has grown tremendously, and millions have taken the opportunity to embark on new paths using the Internet. While working from home, these tips can guide you when your motivation is wavering. You are not alone, and feel free to share these tips with others facing the same dilemma.

1- Schedule time for activities you enjoy.

Don’t treat yourself like a machine who can’t enjoy things other than their job. Get a realistic grasp of your work schedule and observe what times you are most available. Consider devoting that time slot (or slots) for the activities you enjoy most. Have an hour in between meetings and you like to jog? Go for it!

Don’t have to open your messages from 12-3 and you have been waiting to unleash your cooking skills? Get to making that chicken piccata! Anything that floats your boat away from work is worth it to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

2- Network with people who do the same work as you.

Meeting people in the same field of work can have its advantages. If you are a solo at-home worker, it can feel lonely and unmotivating at times.

Knowing other people who are in the same field as you can motivate you to work on your goals. Connecting can open doors for potential business partners, professional contacts, and possible friends who understand the craft. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram are valuable places to connect with others like you.

3- Write down the purpose and goal of your work.

Maybe you have simply lost sight of why you do what you do in the first place. Take time to evaluate your work and what you expect to come out of it. If there are very few to no purposes or goals you can find about your job, it may be time to start looking for another job.

It can be hard enough to be isolated from others, and not having a clear purpose can only lead to a lack of motivation.

Until it is possible to find a stable income, keep the current one, but make it a point to search for more options. If you’re able to find a clear purpose and goal for your work, write them down and place them in a conspicuous spot you go to every morning. This can help you stay reminded of the reasons you are working.

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