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3 Important Lessons You Need To Know About Staying Consistent on Instagram

Your Instagram page is one of millions present on the platform. It’s also likely you aren’t the only one in your niche – whether it be fitness, beauty, or digital marketing. Millions of users are loyal to many pages, though… and not to yours? You could just be starting out in the game, or you could be a long-time player in the field. But what’s wrong? Regardless of your page’s lifespan on Instagram, one factor stands important – consistency!

Consistency creates a level of demand and expectation in your audience. Here are some must-dos to maintain your posting/content consistency to create higher chances of maintaining a large audience!

1 – Stop (or don’t) randomizing your content.

It’s easy to get caught up with new ideas and approaches for your page, but that can muddle up the main focus. If your page is about cooking, for example, it may be relevant to post about handy kitchen tools, new cooking tips, or share nutritious recipes.

But if you begin posting about the easiest way to chop down a tree, then about your fanciest new car and after-school activities for kids, the focus of the page will not be clear. People who are looking for food and cooking-centered pages will not be as likely to go to your page for that kind of content and will find those that do have it.

Not randomizing content is not the same as not trying new ideas. A niche has many subsets that are relevant to it. For example, a fitness page can also try posting Reels about quick post-workout snacks. Post-workout snacks are relevant to the fitness niche, and the content is diversified, but not random and unfocused.

2 – Schedule your content ahead of time.

Mass creating content is a skill on its own. But even if you have 2 – 3 posts ready for the upcoming week, it’d be in your best interest to have it scheduled!

Scheduling the content ahead of time gives more room for creating more content, without worrying that you missed a few days of posting. When you do this ahead of time, it also feels much less like a chore to monitor posting times.

Platforms with scheduling options include Canva and Facebook Creator Studio. Think of this – if you create content on Canva, the convenience of scheduling your newly made content in the same platform increases your organization skills.

Even using Facebook Creator Studio is a great idea because you can schedule for your Facebook page and Instagram page in one, as well.

3 – Don’t overthink what to post.

The pressure of wanting to have the best Instagram post is not unknown to its users. Instagram is all about visuals, right? Even so, overthinking on what to post can actually hinder the flow of something profitable that may be slowly working.

This is especially true for smaller pages. The temptation can be high to switch up what you are doing to attract more followers, but doing so too early can be counterproductive.

Keep a certain type of content consistent so those who are even watching silently will see what you have to offer. Do you post 30-second videos on the best dinner recipes? Keep that content up! Remember, thousands of other pages are competing with you, and if you fall off too early, the others can outshine your page.

Overthinking the content can ultimately cause you to create less, as well. “What if they won’t like this?”, or “Will anyone unfollow me after I post this?” are common thoughts that will block your creative flow! Don’t overthink and just start posting. You don’t need to know every possible outcome for something to work!

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